Все результаты

  1. How hard to show you the survey questions?
    Medium difficulty  
     38 (72%)
    Very simple, easily answered all of them  
     10 (19%)
    Very complex. Such subtlety is not easy to calculate  
     5 (9%)
  2. Have you encountered in working with the errors listed in the questionnaire using elements of corporate identity?
    Something found in the works  
     34 (64%)
    Most of these errors occur in practice  
     12 (23%)
    No, do not collide. Errors are clearly exaggerated  
     7 (13%)
  3. Specify the source that you normally use when validating the use of the brand identity elements «Gazprom Neft»:
    Guidance on the use of corporate identity.  
     46 (86.79%)
    I did not verify the use of identity elements are sent to check on fs@gazprom-neft.ru.  
     17 (32.08%)
    Tips colleagues.  
     7 (13.21%)
     3 (5.66%)
  4. How would you rate your knowledge of the rules of use of the brand identity elements «Gazprom Neft»?
    There are gaps in knowledge  
     29 (54.72%)
    Confidently know  
     21 (39.62%)
    Brilliant knowledge  
     3 (5.66%)
    How to use elements of corporate identity of the brand «Gazprom Neft» I know little.  
    0 (0%)